Demo Reels

Character Animation
Motion Graphics
3D Modeling


Animation helps tell your story in a way that words just can’t. With animation and motion graphics, your audience can better understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it.  Greeting cards allow you to commemorate an occasion or just let people know you remember them.  Advertise in any number of ways to get the attention of your audience.  Explain a tutorial or get across an idea with explainers and kinetic typography.  2D, 3D, traditional – any style, no problem.

Below are just a few examples of my work.

Greeting Card Collection:  Holiday E-cards.
Commercial: VoloVitamins
 Kinetic Typography: What is Chemistry?
Explainers: Corporate Tutorials
Various Explainer videos.
Calico Cricket Farms Explainer Video.
Animation commissioned by Kerry Fike MD, R.Ph of Wake Forest Baptist Health for the demonstration of the Mohs Surgery technique for skin cancer removal.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design says a lot about who you are as a company or service.  Getting the right design can be a hassle, but here graphics are easy, designed specifically for you, to your specifications.

Blooming Earth Studios was looking for a clean silhouette that also displayed complexity, in tune with nature for their new logo. 
Big Data Analytic Solutions was looking for a sharp, professional look resonating with technology and class.
Remember Heroes is an organization that pays tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and was looking for clean poignant images in it’s PR campaign.
Vietnamese Gray Crowned Crane - Personal Project
Sea Turtle - T Shirt design for Southern Shores Company
Hindu Mandala - T Shirt design


"...excellent work, talent and collaborative spirit; [Kyle was] consistently responsible, responsive, and effective. Hope to have the chance to collaborate again! - John Reaves, CEO Learning Worlds Institute

"I recently hired Kyle for animation the website for our start-up company. I was very impressed with his skill set, professional manner and ability to roll with changes. I gave him direction and a script. He ran with it. This was after we had hesitated and changed our deadline. I had a voice over lined up to complete the animation when Kyle called me and asked if I had a voice-over yet, stating that he had someone in mind. I said I would be open if it made his execution of the job simplified. Kyle took initiative. I was pleasantly surprised when he delivered a full package ahead of schedule with complete voice over and music in the background. I would recommend Kyle for any project, he was a pleasure to work." - Rochelle Sherbert, Co-Founder Calico Cricket Farms